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Archive for July, 2005

Bold Park and Hillary’s


This afternoon we went to a few random places.

First we finally had the chance to check out ‘Herdsman Fresh Essentials’, a very nice supermarket near us that friends recommended! And yes, we were pleasantly surprised was very nice, and lots of nice ready meals etc!!! Still, a little bit pricey though, but might go in there for special occasions, and as a substitute for take away meals!
Then on to Bold Park, an ‘urban wilderness’, which was only a little bit further, where we’d never been, even though it is so close to our house.
It’s a very big park, mostly bush, with lots of paths going through it. And it’s hilly, so you can get some good views!
View of Perth City and beyond
After a 3km walk, we drove along the coast to Hillary’s, where we walked around, and had noodles for an early dinner, at ‘Wok in a Box’.

Hillary’s Boat Harbour/Sorrento Quay

Last night I went to the Comedy Lounge at the Hyde Park Hotel (North Perth) with two colleagues.

The Comedy night is held every Thursday, and usually costs $15.
There are always several acts on, and usually one main act.
Yesterday that was Dave Callan, but we also saw Claire Hooper (has also been on Rove recently), Xavier Michelides and another young guy. Malcolm Dix was the MC for the night.
I’m not THAT into stand-up comedy, but I really did have a great time, laughed A LOT, and will have take Pascal and others there some time.
It’s held at a hotel, so you can have a meal (buffet) beforehand, or even take it in with you. It’s wise to book a table, otherwise you could end up standing. Starts at 8.30, but get there before 8!!

On “tight arse” Tuesday (half price) we went and saw War of the Worlds at the cinema at Innaloo.
Friday we had a members introductory dinner at the Royal Perth Yacht Club. Yes, I am now a member. BUT, it is for work (they’re having a dinner there, and membership is cheaper for under 26). We still decided to go to the new members dinner and ‘ceremony’. So all dressed up (me slightly overdressed even!!), off we went.
So then we were surrounded by people who lived in Attadale, and who had attended Aquinas, or who’s children were going there! (Aquinas being the most expensive and prestigious boys college in Perth, and Attadale being an expensive suburb). Anyway, we had a nice enough evening, with buffet dinner and desert for $30. And I had to go up in front of everyone and receive my framed membership certificate and keyring, argh!
Last night I was invited to a last minute dinner in Leederville.
We went to Ria, a Malaysian Restaurant. It was VERY nice, with main courses around $17. We shared everything, and had Squid Skewers, Shredded Cabbage Beef, Apricot Chicken, a salad with peanut sauce, and rice with spices and pistachios.
After dinner, went to the ‘Paddo’ (Paddington Ale House, Mt Hawthorn), so we could go out and dance. ‘Big Shorts’ were playing there, a cover band who played a big variety of songs, including some good ones like the Counting Crows. We took a taxi home at about 12.30(it closes at 1am).

2005_07_17_7.jpgToday we drove to discover some of the Serpentine-Jarrahdale area.

We drove down the freeway, and east onto Mundijong Rd, and into Jarrahdale, where we bought lunch at the Jarrahdale General Store. It was a nice day, and it was busy with people with bikes, biking the Munda Biddi trail that goes through there.
Then we drove 8km on, and ate our lunch at the Lower Picnic Area of Serpentine Dam.
We then walked around the dam area. The water level looked quite low, even with all the rain we’ve had recently.


Driving back through Jarrahdale (a very cute historical town), we went to Gooralong Park, part of Serpentine National Park, and did a short walk there. It was a very nice spot, where you can camp and have bbq’s, and lots of walks start there. You can even walk all the way to Serpentine Falls.

Right: Near Gooralong Park, Serpentine Falls National Park.

Pascal next to the largest Blackboy(grass tree) we’ve ever seen!

On the way back, we stopped at Tumbulgum Farm, of the South West Highway. It said entry was free, it only costs money to see the shows($16), so we thought we might be able to go and just pat some animals. And we did see a few, but not many, and none wanted to be petted… 🙁
So we drove on, took a detour to take a look at Roleystone (nice town), and stopped at Gosnells Railway Markets foodcourt for a curry dinner.

Friday was our one year anniversary of being in Perth (well, actually 10 years in WA for me).
At 8pm we left for Northbridge, where we met up with some friends.

We started of at the Brass Monkey, and ended at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow.

This afternoon we had a party in High Wycombe.
On the way we stopped at Ascot Water Playground (because I spotted it on the map, and it is very close to Gt Eastern Hwy).

I had already read the sad news last year, that it was permanently closed, but now we saw it. First of all, it was much smaller than I remember. And right next to the Swan River. It was completely abandoned, with very high grass.

From the roadside.

From the Swan River side. Can see a pool to the left, and toilet block.

Scenic view of the Swan River.

Submarine at Maritime Museum

On Saturday we drove to Fremantle and had ‘brunch’ at the E-shed Markets (which is very similar to the Freo Markets, but then over at the port) Then we went to the new Maritime Museum (which was partly closed, so free entry), and then we did a 75 min tour of the Submarine, which was well worth the $8!! Our guide was an old Navy officer, who’d spent 13 years on submarines, and the longest he’d been submerged was 10 and a half weeks! It’s so hard to imagine, as the submarine was already soooo cramped with 10 people in it for 1 hour, let alone 62 people for 10 weeks!!!!

On Sunday we had dinner at Anna Vietnamese Restaurant in Leederville, which was a first for Pascal and I, and we’ll go again.


Today I donated blood to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service!

412 ml!

I was quite nervous, more about the blood flowing out than the needles, and I have quite low blood pressure, but everything went fine. You feel it when the needle goes in, but it’s not that bad, and then you don’t feel the blood coming out at all. It takes about 15 mins to fill a bag. And then you stay sitting/lying for a while (especially the first time), and get a cold drink and snacks afterwards (crackers, biscuits, chocolate!).
Register on the website:


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