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Archive for December, 2005

Today drove northwards, along the coast. First went to Yanchep National Park where we walked half way around the lake (couldn’t go all the way around, bridges burned in bushfire last year), went to a didgeridoo and dance performance and saw koala’s.


After lunch at the ‘tearooms’, we drove to ‘Perth Outback Camels‘, where we did a one hour camel ride! Was exciting for the other three, but a bit boring for me, as I’m used to horseriding, and being more in control yourself. And it went a bit slow….with the horses we would have got to the beach in an hour, with the camels we didn’t. Still, it was fun. Gotta try everything once!



After driving back up from Bunbury, we took the 1pm ferry to Penguin Island, which is only 800m from the coast at Rockingham (some people walk the sand bank, but it is dangerous, and the water comes pretty high).


There we walked around (it’s not big, and you can’t get everywhere, it’s a bird protection area), Pascal snorkelled, and Ans found nice shells!


At 2.30pm we watched the penguin feeding and learned about them (these ones are kept in captivity for various reasons, the wild ones only come out at night).


We did see a lot of seagulls (with young), pelicans and lizards though.
There are also seals on the island, but we didn’t see one (10 years ago, when I was on summer camp at Point Perron, we did).
At about 4pm we drove home, taking the ‘industrial route’ past the grain silos, alumina refineries, etc.

Pascal went to Rottnest Island today with work, where they biked around and had lunch.


^ Biking around Rottnest Island

100_5793.JPG 100_5800.JPG

^ A quokka, because they look like rats, the Dutch called the island ‘rattennest’, Rottnest.
I still haven’t been to Rottnest, after a total of 10 years living in WA…!! I will get there one day, will have to save it for a special occasion!

There was an ex-Idol there (Courtney Murphy) and there was fireworks at the end. It was the first time they held the event, and there was about 8000 people, wayyyy more than they expected!


^ People with candles


Last night I had a hen night (ehh, not mine!).
We went to two pubs and a club in Joondalup.
It was a fun night, we danced a lot in Dusk, and didn’t get home till 3am!
This afternoon we went to the Canning Vale Markets, they’re on every Sunday from 7am till 1pm. We bought plants and veggies, nice and cheap. You can also buy all sorts of other crap, clothes, shoes (new even), furniture, cds, etc etc.

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