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If you love live comedy, you could see it from Tuesday through to Saturday every week in Perth.

Every Tuesday:

Shapiro Tuesdays at Lazy Susan’s – upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel, Highgate

A club for new and established comedians to come down and hangout, try new bits, polish their favourites, and just have a laugh…. $5 entry. From 8.30pm. 

Every Wednesday:

The Laugh Resort Comedy Club – Upstairs in the ‘Glasshouse’ of The Brass Monkey, Northbridge.
The show runs from 8.30pm till about 11pm, doors open at 8pm. Price is usually $10 ($8 concession), except the occasional special show.
The Laugh Resort is a not-for-profit organisation, but most of the comedians are professionals that also perform other gigs (see below) and are available for special (including corporate) functions.

Every Thursday:

Comedy Lounge – 509 Charles Hotel, North Perth.
Shows run from about 8 to 10pm. Price is usually $12 or $10 concession and could be up to $25 if a big national or international act is on.
The Comedy Lounge offers different types of packages for special functions.

Every Friday:

Stand up comedy at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den, upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel, Highgate.
Show starts around 8.30pm. A few more dollars ($15/12), but it is Friday.

Every Saturday:

Big HOO-HAA (improvised comedy) also at Lazy Susan’s.
The Big HOO-HAA has been going since 2002, and the two teams of comedians use audience suggestions to create improvised sketches, in the style of shows like ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ This is also from 8.30pm, for $15/12.
The Big HOO-HAA can also perform at special functions, including fundraisers.

Also read ‘The Big HOO-HAA – every Sat night‘, a post I wrote in September 2006 after I attented the Big HOO HAA for the first time.

Special events:

Other than these regular shows, there are often special comedy nights, or big name comedians visiting Perth. I will post about these when they are announced, so keep an eye on the comedy category!
If you have anything to add, please leave a comment!

24 Responses to “Comedy in Perth”

  1. 1 Gussy

    Mmm, might be something i should do. Sounds like a good Thursday night out (or any night really)

  2. 2 skribe

    If I want to see comedy in Perth I’ll pop down to Barrack St to laugh at the debacle that is the Swan Bells =).

  3. 3 Simone


    And isn’t it terrible that they’re featured in the header of this website! I really must get Pascal to replace that! He’s innocent though, I don’t think he knows anything about the whole debacle, I should have informed him! Not that I know much more, I don’t think they were there when we left WA in 96, so it all happened while I was in The Netherlands!
    Any tips on what to replace the above photo with??!

  4. 4 skribe

    You may as well keep it. The tourists seems to like looking at Dick’s dick.

  5. 5 Dee

    Hi Simone, thanks heaps for all the comedy info. I went to the comedy a lot when I lived in Perth a million years ago – I think I liked to see how different audiences react to the same material. 🙂

    Hi Skribe, thanks – now I’ll have to block out that thought any time I visit the whole Barrack St precincty bit. I may never catch a ferry again.


  6. 6 skribe

    Here’s a thought for you Dee next time you visit the jetty: Y-Fronts or briefs? =)

  7. 7 Simone

    Lol, Dee, that must have been interesting! I’m hoping that there’s a bit more variety out there now on the different nights….!!

    Yeah, thanks skribe!!!!!

  8. 8 Dee

    LOL, Skribe. Now I’m going to have to catch a ferry after all. I’ll be thinking boxers, I’m gonna cover up those jingly jangly Swan Bells and I’m going to reclaim my fond memories of trips to and from the zoo. So there!

    Hi Simone, variety might be good! There must be a lot more stand-up comedians round Perth than there once was, I’ll have to check them out.

  9. 9 crout

    There needs to be some comedy south of the river, why is everything always north.

  10. 10 Simone

    I agree there needs to be some south. Yeah, a lot of things are north, though I’d technically call it central, in the cbd/northbridge usually.

  11. 11 larry

    hmm – this site is bit boring….

  12. 12 Simone

    Well…. have you any suggestions on how to make it less boring? Otherwise I suggest finding a less boring site, there should be plenty out there!


  13. 13 Jude

    Went and saw the friday night standup performances at the Brisbane a few weeks ago. some were really good, some werent so god. It was still an awesome night either way. Highly reccomended! Tonight im going to see the improv comedy there so hopefully i enjoy it as much as the stand up!

    great site btw. Although i still think Perth is a bit boring(Clearly not enough entertainment happening).. this site tho does help to find the small amount of things that are happening in Perth. It also gives u advance notice so you can get in before they inevitably(most anyway) sell out! I think it could be a bit easier to find things tho!

    There have been at least 10 concerts i would have seen had the bands not totally skipped Perth on their tour. Its getting beyond a joke.. our state economy is booming, our city is growing.. all the good bands who do bother to come here sell out yet continually again and again we are being skipped..

    Thank god maximo park, muse and kaiser chiefs have bothered.. Otherwise i think i couldnt stand it any more in this city..

    Perth would clearly be the best city in the world if only we could attract all the acts. Our government should be working at ways to attract these acts.

  14. 14 Simone

    Hey Jude! (ha, pun not intended!)

    Thanks for your comments, and glad you enjoyed the comedy!

    I think it depends per person if Perth is boring, depends what people are into. But yeah, Perth could always do with more cool events!

    I think the bands weigh up the cost of coming over here, to how many tickets they expect to sell, so I’m not sure the government could do much to help. Though, one thing could be to make better venues happening, though I don’t know if that will actually be useful in bringing bands over. Still, it’d be good. Anyway, I don’t know, I’m definitely not an expert, and I’m just glad more and more bands ARE coming to Perth!



  15. 15 Jackie

    I find the Brisbane to be one of the best venues! I caught a show there the other week and got to see some hot new comedians (Jason Chathfield, Luke Bolland and Jimmy James Eaton) very funny Friday night out and for the price I paid totally worth it!

  16. 16 Adam

    there are some great comedians in Perth at the moment like Mike G, Jimmy James Eaton, Xavier Susaie, Luke Bolland, Ben Suton and more. Only problem is for all the great comedians Perth has there isn’t enough of an audience for them. The biggest crowd I have seen is like 100 people at the Hyde Park. Feels like there should be more people out there supporting the local comedy.

  17. 17 Jane

    I have to agree with Adam. I see guys like Luke Bolland and Xavier Susai and think why aren’t more people out enjoying these great and hilarious young comedians. Perhaps there just isn’t enough publicity for Perth comedy?

  18. 18 Rubez

    Your right there isn’t enough out there i went on the entertainment guide to see what was availiable and it didn’t have much either. we need a festival over hear to raise awareness of the lack of comedy in perth.

  19. 19 Simone

    ohhh, a festival…. like this one…
    http://www.wildwestcomedy.com.au 😉

    I’m hoping to write about it tonight or tomorrow 🙂

  20. 20 Pedro

    Can any one help me with some info. Does anyone teach stand up, i would like to do some classes or study etc. Ta

  21. 21 skribe

    The best way to learn is to do it. The Brisbane Hotel holds open mic stand-up events on Tuesdays IIRC. There are lots of first-timers and the crowd is very forgiving. Sets run at 5mins each.

  22. 22 Cam

    If you want to learn just come along to Tuesday night at the Brisbane and there will be plenty of comics who will tell you how to do it.

  23. 23 acey

    hello can anyone recommend some good stand up comedy places to go to in perth

  24. 24 Cam

    Full show Friday 8.30 upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel, Beaufort St, Northbridge
    Open Mic Tuesday 8.30 upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel, Beaufort St, Northbridge
    Full show Wedneday 8.30 upstairs at the Brass Monkey, James St, Northbridge

    Tuesday night is great. New comics, new comedy.

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