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Gucci shop in Perth

While reading the West this morning, I came across the story that Gucci are opening a shop in Perth, on the corner of King and Hay streets, in the heritage-listed Monash House.

It’s definetly not my area to shop, but it’s a nice area to wander around in.
The shop is opening on Monday, and will offer everything from handbags and luggage to their gift collection. The ready to wear collection will be sent to Perth from Milan twice a year. In August there will be an exclusive showing, with ’supermodel’ Gemma Ward.

2 Responses to “Gucci shop in Perth”

  1. 1 Rodney Olsen

    I think it’s meant to be opening tomorrow (Monday) morning. They’re going to be working all night if that’s the case. We walked past at about 6:30 this evening and they don’t even look close.

    As well as lots of wiring and shop fitting to finish, there are two big rubbish skips outside that will need to be moved.

    I’m glad I’m not the one trying to get it ready.

  2. 2 Simone

    Oh, yeah, that doesn’t sound ready at all! And now it’s been in the paper, they’ll be very stressed!
    Thanks for that update! 😀 (I love this whole interactive thing, that we can get this kind of news to each other quite quickly, even if it’s something unimportant like a Gucci shop(well, to me, you know what I mean..), it could be something more interesting in the future, ha ha! 🙂 )

    Reminds me of the shopping centre near us. They’ve made it more than double the size, and were having a big reopening (after it had already been delayed for months), but only about 20% of the new shops had opened! Even now, months later, there’s only about 50% of the new shops open. Seems like they’re having trouble filling them!! Woops!

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