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Latest news Blues n Roots 2008


See my round up of reviews, photos and videos at this post!


Update 29 March: Ben Kweller now playing on Sunday, Pilgram Brothers on Saturday and Bob Evans. Some times have changed, see times and stages here!! Last year we got a little program at entry.

Update 22 March: Weekend, Sunday and VIP tickets have now sold out, and Saturday going fast!

Update 14 March: Dave Mathews Band have cancelled!!! 🙁 Thanks Papertrail for pointing this out. Xavier Rudd joins the line-up on Saturday.

The 4th annual West Coast Blues n Roots Festival is happening on 31 March and 1 April 2007 at the Esplanade in Fremantle.
Yes, it is now spread across two days, which I can understand given the huge line-up!

John Butler Trio, Wolfmother, The Cat Empire, Xavier Rudd, Gomez, Lee Scratch Perry, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Bela Fleck and The Flecktones, Tony Joe White, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Bob Evans, The Pigram Brothers, Blue King Brown, The Vasco Era, Diafrix, The Bamboos, The Fumes, Andrew Winton, Blue Shaddy and Fall Electric.

Ben Harper, John Mayer, Missy Higgins, The Waifs, Bo Diddley, Larry Carlton Blues Project, Eugene Hideaway Bridges’, Kaki King, Angus & Julia Stone, Terrance Simien, Piers Faccini, Amos Lee, Carus & The True Believers, Ben Kweller, Custom Kings, Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp, Will Conner and Kill Devils Hills.

I can’t wait! And I want to go both days, so that’ll be $170!!! A ticket for one day is $105. It will also mean travelling back and forth to Fremantle on two days, but I guess it will be worth it!
Tickets are on sale from the Sunset Events website and Ticketek. If you book via Sunset Events there is no booking fee.

This is an 18+ event (photo id needed for entry), but under 18’s are permitted if they are accompanied by a parent at all times.

If you’re looking for info about the EAST Coast Blues n Roots festival Bluesfest, which has a similar line-up to the west coast one, see the official website here.

25 Responses to “West Coast Blues n Roots 2007”

  1. 1 Deb Cleland


    I heard on Triple J that Fat Freddy’s Drop will also be playing at Blues and Roots. Is this true or do I have my events mixed up?

    Thanks so much.


  2. 2 Simone

    I’ve had a look, and it’s what I expected: they’ll be at the EAST coast Blues and Roots. Events are similar, but not quite the same line-up.
    Website here:

    Things could change though, there’ll be more announcements

  3. 3 Chuck U Farley

    How are the promoters justifying spreading the Blues and Roots festival over two days.. splitting the talent over the entire weekend – what a marketing miracle.. thanks so much ..

  4. 4 Simone

    Ah yes, that’s business…!!

    Still, there’s more acts to be announced, so it would be worth two full days. And, if a person is especially fan of one band, they could just go one day.

    But yeah, it is quite annoying, especially if you’re mainly interested in 2 or so bands, and they’re not on the same day!

  5. 5 Nathan

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but will this event clash with my annual pilgrimage to the Margaret River Master’s….. Shame, shame, shame Australia, shame.

  6. 6 Simone

    Oh no! On the tourism WA website it says: Margaret River Pro – March / April 2007 (TBC)

    So yeah… pretty good chance they’re on at the same time! 🙁

  7. 7 Guyza

    Fat freddys are a cool collective of choon makers if they are playing on the east coast they might as well do the west coast. I heard on the js that they would be here this summer. what can be done to get them over here to FREO for the blues and roots festival this side as well!!!?

  8. 8 Simone

    Well, there is going to be a second announcement, so maybe they’ll be announced then….

    Maybe try contacting the sunset events people, website above should have contact details….

  9. 9 Glenn Baker

    Have just been reading the comments on FFD and am quite stoked at the response to some wickedly loved up home grown tunes, I’ve just moved here from Aotearoa and thought that I had seen them for the last time because no one would know, or want to know who they are, so fingers crossed, I’ll keep the faith.
    For those groovers in Perth who aren’t to familiar with but like concious tunes and feel good vibes Check out, Trinity roots – True
    Home, Land and Sea
    Unity Pacific-
    The Black Seeds
    Deva Mahal
    Olmecha soundsystem
    Cornerstone roots
    House of Shem
    The green room (Aotearoa compilation 1,2,3,4)
    Salmonella dub ( of course )
    Shape shifter
    Holly smith
    Yes there is a real big movement happening in the land of the long cloud such a pity that there’s not enough support though, so show the love WA and get ahead of your East coast cuzzies. Or just check out the Sound splash website in Raglan ( it’s real name is Whaiangaroa).
    I’m just buzzing to get to go to this festival, CHUUUUUURRRRRRker

  10. 10 Jo

    So even if you are 17, you need to have an adult accompanied with you?

  11. 11 Simone

    I’m afraid so….

  12. 12 alana

    a while ago i heard that pete murray was gona be at blues and roots 07, but now, he isnt on the line up!

  13. 13 Simone

    I never heard that… He was on the bill last year now!
    I really don’t think he’ll be on the bill this year, and I think everyone has been announced now.


  14. 14 jess

    So, the line up for Sunday…Is that the right order? I only wanna go to see Waifs and since im comin from the country and the day after a BnS, i will prob get there as late as possible. What times???

  15. 15 Simone

    No, set times aren’t know yet….
    (it says on the blues n roots website they’ll be up in March).

    I wouldn’t really see the above list as the orde they’re playing, as there’s three stages.

    Now if I were GUESSING, I’d say The Waifs would be on the main stage, but before Ben Harper, John Mayer, Missy Higgins.
    My guess would be they’d be playing anywhere between 6 and 8pm. But don’t hold me to that, it’s a guess!

  16. 16 Nathan

    I must say i am not impressed that Dave matthews Band have cancelled that was one of the main reasons that i was going on the Saturday.

  17. 17 Simone

    I know, it’s really terrible! One of my friends, the only reason they were going at all was Dave Mathews. And my husband is also a major fan, though we also like many of the other bands.
    I hope they come to Perth one day… we can’t afford to fly east at the moment (and that is a bit to drastic for me anyway!)


  18. 18 Nathan

    I am not quite sure why Dave Matthews never comes to Perth on any of his concert tours, maybe he does not have a huge following in Perth. I was so excited when i thought that he was coming to the Blues and Roots oh well maybe next year.

  19. 19 Simone

    Yeah, I doubt the following is big, many people have never even heard of him! And he wouldn’t even have been on last on Saturday, it was/is going to be Wolfmother, John Butler and even the Cat Empire I think.

    I think we as fans might need to be a bit more vocal…

    Yeah, I was so excited too, even phoned my friend and husband(I don’t phone much, usually just email, ha ha) in my lunchbreak I think it was! And posted it on here straight away!

  20. 20 Jordi

    this will probably come up as a reply, but a few of my friends and i were wondering, if we’re 17, do we need to be accompanied by adults, as in anyone over 18.. at all times, or an actual parent?!

  21. 21 Simone

    I’m quite sure it will have to be a parent(because that’s what it quite clearly says), but just contact Sunset events to be sure, see here:

    good luck, I can imagine it’s frustrating, stupid liquor licensing laws! 🙁

  22. 22 Tomica

    Does anyone know where i can get two tickets for sunday??

  23. 23 Simone

    I’ve posted a couple of my photos from Saturday here:
    Please note, I am not a professional photographer, ha ha! And my camera is particularly bad for taking photos in the dark 🙁

  24. 24 Ashley Woermann

    Hi Simone.

    I am a Uni studnet writing a story on Blues and Roots music.

    I was wondering what you know on the impact of music piracy on local Fremantle or Perth artists and bands?

    Any information would be of use to me. If you have the web or email addresses of any Blues and Roots artists – they would also be appreciated!

    Please consider helping. Thanks Ashley Woermann

  25. 25 Simone

    Hi Ashley, I tried emailing you, but the email bounced.

    This was my message:

    I can’t help….

    Check out the friends on my myspace though, there’s quite a few local blues n
    roots artists among them:


    Good luck!



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