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Benson Jarreau imageJazz legends George Benson and Al Jarreau are touring Australia together and will perform ‘An Evening on the Green’ on Saturday 24 March 2007.

Though it has taken three decades, the pairing of GEORGE BENSON with AL JARREAU – peerless music legends who both sprang from jazz into the international R&B and pop mainstream – was pure destiny. Both have earned multiple Gold and Platinum albums, totaling millions of copies sold, along with coveted GRAMMY® awards in both the pop and jazz categories.

The concert for the ‘Givin’ it up’ Australia tour will be held in King’s Park, and Mark Sholtez is supporting.

Tickets go on sale from Tuesday 13 February, from Ticketmaster.

See the Mellen Events website for more details.

Hat-tip to Rodney!

12 Responses to “George Benson + Al Jarreau – 24 March 2007”

  1. 1 Eric

    Anyone know who is playing in the backing band for GB and AJ on the 2007 Givin it up tour? Just out of couriosity, does anyone beside me care? I would think they’d be bringing some pretty slammin’ players with them. E

  2. 2 Me

    I’ve heard Steve Gadd is coming

  3. 3 Karina

    This is wonderful and depressing news for me.
    I am a huge AJ fan and have been dying to see him in concert.
    Unfortunately I have promised to perform at a friend’s 50th birthday party and cannot attend.
    This is seriously not very funny and I hope and pray a miracle happens so that I can attend to witness what is sure to be a Fantastic concert – even if they just performed as a duo it would be out of this world !

    Please someone send me a miracle !!

  4. 4 Simone

    Oh how typical!
    I can’t perform miracles, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! 🙂

  5. 5 samecat

    Can’t perform miracles either, but I can suggest that it would be worth flying to another venue if you can’t make it to the Perth concert:

    Sunday March 25 Festival Theatre, Adelaide

    Wednesday March 28 Sydney Entertainment Centre’s Harbour Theatre, Sydney

    Friday March 30 WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong

    Saturday March 31 Palais Theatre, Melbourne

    Tuesday April 3 Civic Theatre, Auckland

  6. 6 filomena

    Anyone know how much the tickets are????? I have been an AJ fan for years and would not want to miss out because of cost –

  7. 7 Simone

    I don’t know, but my guess would be above $90….. That seems to be the norm these days, about 90 to 110 dollars…. I really don’t know for sure though, we’ll have to wait and see when tickets go on sale on Tuesday.

  8. 8 Martin ( SVK )

    Please, tell me someone about the musicians who will play with them.

  9. 9 melinda

    my friend went to this last night and she wants to know the name of the band that played before george benson, on the way out of kings park the band was randomly standing on the side of the road and she jumped out of her car and hugged the guitarist, so any info would be great

  10. 10 Simone

    Hi Melinda,
    How very spontaneous and random of your friend, ha ha, good stuff, the world needs more hugging! 😀

    I saw this on the mellen events website:


    Other than that I can’t help you, but maybe try contacting mellen events…



  11. 11 Karina

    Please … someone tell me, how was the concert ?

    Did AJ sing any oldies like Roof Garden or Mornin’ ? Or was it all newer material?
    How were the musos ? What was the atmosphere like?

    many thanks

  12. 12 Garrett White

    I know some things about the musicians that played with George and Al. I was able to talk to them while they were in Australia. Here’s the list:
    Larry Williams: piano
    Thom Hall: keyboards
    Stanley Banks: bass
    Mark Simmons: drums
    Mike O’Neill: guitar/vocals
    Chris Walker: bass/vocals
    Joe Turano: keyboards/sax/vocals

    1st call lads, all of them!

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