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This year, Ministry of Sound has joined forces with ‘We Love… Sounds’ to bring you an big June long weekend party on Sunday 1 June 2008 (Foundation Day is Monday 2 June).

We Love Ministry Of Sound will be set across Metro City, Capitol, and The Bakery.

…there is something for all musical tastes: from the biggest headline electronic artists delivering the most up to the minute club sounds, the hottest electro and indie dance acts on offer; to the most sought after hip hop artists and everything in between!

Line-upWe Love Ministry of Sound
Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys)
Cassius (DJ / Live, France)
Scribe (Live, New Zealand)
Utah Saints (‘Something Good’)
Hybrid (UK)
Bonde Do Role (Live, Brazil)
Mr Oizo (Ed Banger)
The Potbelleez (‘Don’t Hold Back’)
Resin Dogs (Live)
Van She (Live)
Dabruck & Klein (Germany)
Blackgrass (Live)
Edu K (Brazil)
Ajax (Australia’s #1 DJ)
Goodwill (Syd)
Polyphonk (Melb)
+ more

Early bird tickets on sale from Friday 18 April
Limited first release: $54.90 (inc. gst) + bf
Final release: $69.95 (inc. gst) + bf

Tickets available from: Ticketek, Inthemix.com.au, Moshtix + outlets listed there.

26 Responses to “We Love Ministry of Sound – Perth – 1 June 08”

  1. 1 18?

    hey, do you have to be 18 to attend this event?

  2. 2 Simone

    yes, it’s 18


  3. 3 chloe

    hey what are the dates and what does bf mean in regards to tickets

  4. 4 Simone

    The date is 1 June.

    BF is booking fee. So it will be a few dollars added to that ticket price.


  5. 5 Sadie


    How to we find out what venue the Dj’s are playing?


  6. 6 Simone
  7. 7 Sharmane

    What is the attire to wear to this event?

    LOL! I this sounds stupid, but normally MOS is a day event.

    Do we have to get all dressed up, wearing heels, and getting massive blisters on our feet?

  8. 8 Jes

    do we need 2 proof of id’s?

  9. 9 Simone

    ehh, not that I know of… Where’d you get that idea?

  10. 10 Jes

    haha na its not what u think its just last time i was in perth the wouldnt let me into a few pub’s caz they needed 2 ID’s. i only have 1 =(

  11. 11 Simone

    oh that’s weird!
    Does your’s have a photo? Do need photo id..

  12. 12 Castle

    Which venue does the event start at?

    Will there be buses transporting us to each venue, kind of like a pub crawl?


  13. 13 Simone

    Sorry, I can’t see any information on any of the sites 🙁

    I think there will be stuff happening at both venues at the same time, and that you have to choose, but I think there will also be shuttle busses.
    Not sure though. And they should publicise a schedule soon….

  14. 14 Jes

    yea i have photo id. aw well ill find out up ther.

    anyway i found the LINE UP!!! http://www.unmanageablemusic.com/touring.html check it out.

  15. 15 Jes
  16. 16 Castle

    Ok so the even is across different venues, what if we want to go to another venue hald way through the night – does the new rudd government policy on not being able to enter night clubs ater 2am apply? do we have to stay inside the venue we are in origninaly in if its after 2?

  17. 17 Rick

    Any people wanting two tickets for 130bucks send me an email at [email protected] , Cant make it (spewing) cause of work commitments and just wanna get my money back.


  18. 18 Rick

    Make that 100bucks even, dont wanna be left with these tickets.

  19. 19 Av

    RICK: Are u still selling those tickets?

    would be very greatful

    thanks i sent u an email.

  20. 20 Nick

    Why dont u just return them? You can get a refund, just claim that Cassius was who you wanted to see.. full refund!

  21. 21 sas

    does anyone know if tickets are still available (it is today..)
    i cant seem to get hold of any and i desperate to get 2 or 3 tix.

    i cant tell if all outlets have sold out yet

  22. 22 sas

    im desperately looking for last minute tickets still
    does anyone know where i can get them ? ?

  23. 23 e

    can you please tell me where i could find photos from the event.
    as i got one taken at metros during utah saints and i really want it but cant find it.

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