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Rock-It is finally back, and bringing us Kings of Leon on Sunday 8 March 2009 at Arena Joondalup!! The full line-up has now been announced!

and in special feature SIDESHOW BOB ALLEY on the lawns of love we have a blues freakshow featuring BOB LOG III and THE DEVIL and ABBE MAY.

Nashville’s finest will return to Australia and New Zealand in 2009 as Kings of Leon tour in support of their monster #1 album Only By The Night. Kings of Leon will perform in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington in March 2009.

Tickets on sale 27 November from Heatseeker, Arena Joondalup, Live Clothing Stores, Planet, Mills, Star Perth, Star Mandurah, Blue 62, Prince of Wales, Beach Life, Southern Sound. SOLD OUT!

Ticket Price; $99 but that includes ALL fees & charges and free public transport to and from the event from any metropolitan location.

All ages show but with 18+ areas. Gates open midday and show goes till 10pm.

Kings of Leon official website

89 Responses to “Rock-It – Kings of Leon – 8 March 2009”

  1. 1 Kat

    Yesssssssssss been waiting for this moment for 5 years holy shit

  2. 2 tara


    could you please send me some info on dates and times when kings of leon will be performing in either perth or OLD

    thanks 🙂

    [email protected]

  3. 3 CHRISTY


  4. 4 shirin

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 🙂

  5. 5 sassy

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet – Finally Rock-It is back!! Yeah baby!!!

  6. 6 Kahlzzz

    soooooooooooo there!
    what other bands are playing?

  7. 7 crabby

    who else will be playing?

  8. 8 Simone

    Tara: All I know is they’re playing Rock it.

    I don’t know what other bands are playing yet 🙂

  9. 9 nathan

    it’s about time we got another rock it festival, i bet we can all agree and it’s even better that we get to see kings of leon. this band has achieved what many bands are still trying to, in one album and are sure to put on a great show. i know i’ll be there to go wild. Wooo hoooo ROCK IT is back

  10. 10 Joshwah

    “Yesssssssssss been waiting for this moment for 5 years holy shit”

    The moment also happened earlier in the year at Southbound…. enjoy it

  11. 11 Toni

    OMG…. yes yes yes. ROCK-IT is back with King’s of Leon, HI 5..

  12. 12 adjit8er

    look’s like i’ll be missing another rock-it from a shitty headliner band..
    unless their’s someone worth seeing on the lineup.

  13. 13 Helena

    helll yesssssssssssssssssssssss

  14. 14 boofa

    achieved in one album?? It has taken them three outstanding albums until they have risen to this point. They are the pinacle of what bands have forgotten. Natural progression is the way all bands should strive.

  15. 15 deano


    :):) LOVED LAST COUPLE ROCKITS. they were my 1st gigs ( sorrryyy jst realised caps) hehe.


  16. 16 Alex Yet

    Fu*uck yeeeh ive been waiting 4 albums for this, i missed southbound earlier this year, and fuck you adjit8er, so pumped to see the supporting yewww, oh and LOL at the person who made this page nice url: douche… it gonna be 2009 not 08 haha peace,!

  17. 17 Simone

    lol, that 08 mistake was me, the person who runs this whole site, but unfortunately gets things wrong sometimes, and this one’s not fixable 😀

  18. 18 Deano

    Deano you stooge 😛
    Living End are playing live at the Big Day Out 09′. So I doubt they will be playing at Rock-it as well

  19. 19 crocky

    I saw kol a few years back at bdo and you could tell they were on the cusp of greatness they r frickin awesome live! that 1 act convinced me to give the bdo a miss.i dont care who else is in the line up.$99 to see kings of leon so worth it!

  20. 20 Cheeks

    Who is playing at Rock-It besides Kings of Leon?

  21. 21 Simone

    not been announced yet. They say ‘many more to be announced’…

  22. 22 kazz

    Birds of tokyo will be supporting aswell as Still.

  23. 23 Genevieve

    Umm, What’s the deal with the change of frontman??
    I am seriously questioning the bands integrity without their original frontman. His voices is what makes their songs unique.

  24. 24 Alex Yet

    wtf Genevieve? bullshit they’ve booted caleb?? r u talking about kol or bot ? ? ?

  25. 25 Cheeks

    Kings of Leon frontman has not changed, he’s just had all of his hair cut off!

    Living End are also playing at RollerCoaster (Local Mandurah Gig)… goes off for a small town…

    Any more news on the line-up apart from Still and Birds of Tokyo???

  26. 26 Alex Yet

    oh k haha makes sence, genevieve u dumbshait, go f**k urself.

    yeh im quite keen to see the rest of the line up, they better hurry up tickets have been on sale for almost a month now.

  27. 27 ava mandal


  28. 28 Simone

    No! (not that I know of!!)

  29. 29 Jodie

    I heard a rumour that Kings of Leon are not playing at rockit anymore because they broke up/fired the singer? Is this true? Main reason I was going!!!

  30. 30 Simone

    I have heard nothing at all, I think it started because the singer cut his hair off, and looks different. But it’s the same guy.

  31. 31 Andy

    well the fratellis are so much beter than kings of leon anyway im going just to see them

  32. 32 Katy

    Heard a rumour that front man of Kings of Leon is in rehab, may not be playing??? Don’t want to buy a ticket if that’s true…?

  33. 33 Rea

    dont no what your all talkin bout the FRATELLIS are gonna be there, i love them!
    also birds of tokyo were so good at southbound so pumped to see then too.
    but must admit kings of leon are pretty good aswell.
    man i love it all.
    so exited 😀
    (ye heard the rumour bout kol, but the 1 i heard was that the main guy went to rehab so wouldnt be going, but ye prob all lies)

  34. 34 Kylie

    I’ve already bought tickets with a friend to go, first time ever and it’s only for Kings of Leon!!
    But my friend has just heard that Kings of Leon have pulled out of Rock It!! Is this true?
    Please say no!!!!

  35. 35 Simone

    No, it’s not true!

  36. 36 Cheeks

    Well I hope its not true because the main reason I am going is because of Kings of Leon!!! Keep us informed if this is true or not…may have to sell ticket!

  37. 37 pz

    will they only be singing songs from only by the night?

  38. 38 Alex Yet

    they’re promoting ‘only by the night’. but majority will be thier old stuff, but the most songs the from one particualr album will be ‘only by the night’ hence the ‘only by the night’ tour.

  39. 39 The_Canuck

    umm one correction The Stills are from Montreal, Canada
    which is very very different to that shit whole down south called
    the US

  40. 40 Simone

    oh yes, it is. Hrm, I just copied that from the press release, grr!

    Will change it, thanks!!

  41. 41 Aaron

    i cantt waitt!! so excited ayee

  42. 42 mandy

    i absolutely cant w8 sikkkkk m8n so exited aii

  43. 43 IAN MCELONEY 11


  44. 44 tasha

    Have to decide between this and going to my school ball…. argh!
    so want to go to ROCK-IT

  45. 45 Jodie

    OH NO!! I only just got flights from Adel to Perth for this concert and then seen its sold out!! If anyone knows of any spare tickets, PLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSS Let me know.
    Cheers JT

  46. 46 Cheeks

    I might be selling my ticket if anyone is interested? It’s not definite yet but I’m sure I will be selling it…

  47. 47 Jodie

    Yeah I would be interested!! Let me know for sure.

  48. 48 sarah

    ive never been to rockit, its my first time, bring it on!!!!

  49. 49 Steph

    None of you should be going to Rock It to see KOL if you don’t know anything about them aahahaha

  50. 50 Alex Yet

    amen to that!

  51. 51 Kristan

    hey im chasing a ticket to rockit if anyone is selling. its my birthday that day so what better way than to spend it there. please help!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52 sav

    hey, does anyone know if theres a timetable of rock it online? or will they just be giving it out at the door? cos i know at bdo they did both..

  53. 53 sophie

    does n e 1 here actually know kings of leon they have been out for eight yrs and they have 5 albums and there old stuff is way beta

  54. 54 Cheeks

    Who doesn’t know KOL!!!! U would have to be pretty low key if you don’t hahaha…
    And yes, old stuff is better but new stuff is still good!

  55. 55 Serpens

    What happened to all the Australian bands this time?

  56. 56 emma

    The Kings actually only have 4 albums, Holly roller is an EP, and most of the songs on it were released on YAYM, and both were released 2003, 6 years ago, but i agree the old stuff is way better, they are sounding very commercial now

  57. 57 Nats

    how do i look at the ine up n what time everthing is on!!! don’t want to go early n don’t want to miss out you SOOOO got to make things easier on sites to get ur way around like LINE-UP TIMES

  58. 58 Simone

    Talk to heatseeker…. they don’t have anything up yet…
    http://www.heatseeker.com.au/gigs.aspx?id=ROCK IT 2009&tid=2&iid=1597

    Maybe in the next week….

  59. 59 matt

    I GOT 2 tickets id like to sell them both for a total of $250

    thats $125 each…

  60. 60 Liz

    Hey matt, interested in taking those tickets off your hands. send me an email.

  61. 61 Simone

    You can’t see each others emails. I’ll email you each other’s email address (I can see them). 🙂

  62. 62 Liz


  63. 63 Kristan

    Hey peoples, i was chasing a ticket for rockit for myself and scored one but had to buy it as a pair for $500 so i got a spare ticket. Selling it for $250 just to get my money for the spare one back. If anyone is interested. Email me [email protected]

  64. 64 k man

    i have 2 tickets for rocket

    morley area after 7 for pick up
    or tommorow from welshpool

    300 for both

    email on [email protected]

  65. 65 k man

    i have 2 tickets for rocket

    morley area after 7 for pick up
    or tommorow from welshpool


    starting at 280 for both

  66. 66 nicole

    What time are all the bands playing ????????????????????

  67. 67 Ricky
  68. 68 charelz84
  69. 69 Roxie

    ROCK IT ticket for sale.
    friend is a piker!
    let me know

  70. 70 charelz84

    Hi Roxie, Whats ur price?

  71. 71 Jake

    Working at Rock-It and I know there is 500 tix for sale at the gate so be there before gates open for the best opportunity to get a ticket.

  72. 72 Roxie
  73. 73 ashton

    we wont tickets

  74. 74 amanda

    This was the worst organised event i have ever come across! KOL were great, but we were waiting a good half hr just to get into 18 area then to head to the bar, there were no ques at all just a huge mass of people. The drink tickets were a silly distance from the drink stand and once in the mass of people sent a friend down to get tickets, only to be told u can only get $20 worth at one time really pathetic! I have been to many concerts in my time and never have i been scared i might be trampled. the croud at the bar was far worse than any mosh pit i have ever been in, I became clostraphobic to the point a lady had to pull me through the croud out of it all. Never have i felt so scared and never have i experienced a clostraphobic episode. Really poor effort guys I will not be attending another Rock-it which is sad cause it had become a yearly event for all of us. I hope next yr for others it is better organised as i really believe if someone had have collapsed while waiting for a drink there woukd have been no way paramedics could have got in there and the person with out a doubt would be trampled to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 75 Claire

    I have to agree with Amanda. KOL were amazing but as a 39 year old seasoned festival goer including 12 BDO’s in Perth, after yesterday’s astounding display of stupidity, incompetance by the organisers and their sheer contemp for the paying public, the only conclusion I can make is that the organisers of Rock It could not organise a piss up at a brewery.

    There was no need to organise free public transport for punters wanting to enjoy a drink or two and police needn’t have feared that people might drink drive. No Sir. You see the lines to get a frosty beverage were so long it was impossible for even the most detirmined to get tippsy. We waited in line for 50 minutes on two occassions waiting to but crappy mid stength pre mixed drinks at $10 each. Honestly, at least I would have felt the organiseres were being up front with me if they’d wacked me across the head with a cricket bat.

    I felt sorry for the bands because at anyone time half the crowd was standing in a line trying to get a drink-even for bottled water or soft drink. WHAT A JOKE.

    In the end we surrendered to the futility of it all and gave up out of frustration, our decision, only to be left with $25 worth of useless drink vouchers. It is a shame that the ineptitude at the organisation of this event was almost more memorable than the musical acts.

    It ended up being a potentially dangerous day as tempers, understandably flared with punters releasing their frustration on each other.

    That being said, thank god the KOL saved my day.

  76. 76 Angela

    No queues? Are you kidding me??

    There was only one bar tent.

    This was fine for most of the day because the majority of festival goers didn’t come until just before Kings of Leon were due to play. That was probably why you came across such big queues coming into the 18 area.

    The lines for alcohol at Rockit were TERRIBLE to anyone’s standard! MINIMUM of one hour in a line?? Hundreds of people in each line.

    No cash was handed over at the bar. What happened? Why were the lines so long?

    There was NO SHADED AREAS available. It was 34 The bar staff wouldn’t let you keep the lid for the water bottles so you weren’t able to keep a bottle of water with you to keep rehydrate. The free water had poor water pressure for the amount of fountain outlets. Organisers check out the free water system Southbound had. Much better with taps, and more water outlet areas. Happy hydrated festival goers.

    The toilet facilities were great. I hardly ever lined, and they were always clean and full of paper. The male and female toilets being separated was a good idea!

    Although a large portion of the festival area was given to the ablution blocks. Maybe this was why it felt so crowded towards the end?

    ATM facilities should be available at festivals.

    I have never seen so many police at the entrance to a concert. Ever. The drug bins at festivals seemed like a good idea, but it looked like you were going to get pounced upon if you even went close to the bins. Can’t there be a happy medium between security and a heavy police presence?

  77. 77 Jake

    I agree that this was the worst run Rock-It so far. As a staff member that worked this Rock-It I can tell you that we had many complaints from people. As for only being able to get $20 worth of drink tickets at once, that isn’t true. I know staff that were selling $400 worth of tickets at once. They were only allowed to sell $20 worth from 8:00pm(I think) onwards. This is the first year that the Arena has not run it and the Arena has only been the venue and it tells. As a staff member I apologise to all people that were not 100% happy and I can only ask you to continue to come back to future Rock-It’s.

  78. 78 Alex Yet

    kings of leon did make up for all that tho, i just wished they played holy roller novocaine, devoo, owell fuckin awsum every song was ace! exept usesomebody, and sex on fire.

    up there with the best band ive seen

  79. 79 Jake

    You can blame Paul Sloan for the shitty running of it. The arena had nothing to do with it and if they did if would have worked out better.

  80. 80 AMS

    WAT A F**kIN JOKE DUDES ,SERIOUSLY. Do an Event Management course or something… Oh well at least you had responsible service of alcohol happening, make them line up that long they have no way of getting drunk! Best part of the night was when the flood lights came on and watching crazy croc man and his burning toilet paper, the streaker, the cat fight and the guy bouncing on the roof of the merch tent!! ha ha ha

    Wont be back.

  81. 81 jake !

    OKAY so i went to rockit
    and got my picture photographed with my mates and im wondering where i can find it
    they gave me this website but theres no pics !

  82. 82 matt

    rock it used to be my favorite concert

    but apart from the bands that was the worst concert i have ever been too, there was less bars and instead cramed in more people…… i heard a rumour that rock it was bought out by another company and it seemed to be true organisers are just revenue raisers and dont care about entertainment or the people that go there…

  83. 83 Jeremy

    I have been to SO SO many festivals. Rock It 2009 is easily the worst. I didn’t pay all that money and put in all that effort to get to the festival just to be NOT able to drink without wasting about 2-3 hours of my festival festivities. I had a shit day, of which KOL & the Fratellis only JUST made up for. I won’t be going again to Rock It. Joondalup = too far away to risk another boring day waiting in lines.

  84. 84 Wah

    I too was at Rockit and was never going back until I found out why the queues were so bad! I think we can blame the boys in blue for a few delays including the RBT 30 minute wait on the way home!!!

    To get to the point, our biggest disappointment was the slow bar sales & service and I am writing back to explain ourselves on this and a few other areas so you can understand our issues on the day.

    Firstly, the capacity crowd was exactly the same size as our last three sell out Rock It’s (Green Day headline, Foo Fighters headline, Jet headline) and at all three of those concerts we have exactly the same bar infrastructure and staffing in place.

    We had no major issues with queuing at those events and had no real reason to predict that this event would be any different.
    It is our policy to consistently improve site design and systems when we identify problems or receive constructive criticism from patrons such as yourself.
    Basically since analyzing our drop counts on the gate we have established that the average patron entered the site around 2 hours later than usual mainly due to the major police operation at the gates.
    This meant that while the drug dogs were running we were operating at 20-30% capacity in entry gates, bar tickets and bar where we would usually be 60% from as early as 1pm.
    Once the police ceased the single file drug check lanes and released the flow of the crowd we had accumulated such a large amount of people waiting to enter that between about 3.30 and 4.30 pm we were inundated with patrons requiring entry and servicing all at once and entry and bar areas ran beyond peak levels for the next 2-3 hours.
    The delays then staggered through the three service areas in order of use; the door delays ran from about 3.30-5.30, the bar ticket delays ran from about 4.30-7.00 and the bar service delays ran from approximately 5.00-7.30.

    We worked our guts out to ensure we had cleared all service area queues well before Kings of Leon started so at least the whole site was flowing completely freely again from 7.45-10.00
    To give you the statistics – the units sold of the bar were almost identical to the last 2 full house events but the service occurred in a 4 hour window instead of 6 hour window which meant we had to process approximately 15000 transactions per hour instead of our usual 10,000 which we easily coped with as our previous demand peaks.
    We had no information about how the police operation would roll out in terms of interfering with our entry rates so we are really disappointed that some patrons feel let down by us when our systems were at the mercy of the police operation which compacted our demand into unmanageable timeframes.

    Some other background to our event policies;

    * We made a voluntary decision to oversupply toilets to try and eradicate queuing and supplied 200 units more than our legal requirement for this capacity.
    We have had complaints at previous events from females that unisex/mixed toilet areas made females feel uneasy and presented a risk to them so we separated the areas in response to those complaints. The Health Department & council and police all support separated male & female compounds.
    * In addition, aerial photography of all previous 9 events showed that multiple small toilet areas created difficulties in toilet servicing and also led to some areas being congested and others underused which is why the centralized toilet system works the best even though it does require a bit of a walk.
    * For people who did not want to be separated there were more than 100 toilets either under the grandstand or in the food area where couples could stay close.
    * the major licensed area toilets were signed with both a lit 6m wide vinyl banner, an electronic road sign plus we have regular site map info on the big screens all day and large maps all around the site
    In terms of toilet performance we virtually eradicated queuing in toilet areas and we are proud of that outcome.

    * Free water was available at 40 mains supply drinking taps/fountains around the site clearly advertised in email outs, on maps around the site and on the screens to ensure people could access water easily at all times.
    There were 8 taps on each side behind the left and right side of the stage, 16 at the rear of the site under the scoreboard and 8 at the exit to the female toilet area plus free water at bar and distributed all day in the crowd barrier by dedicated staff. We used 60,000 cups keeping you hydrated with free water!

    * We distributed 50 litres of free sunscreen from Loo Loos entry and crowd care tent and also had vendors who took the commercial opportunity to sell it from a couple of other locations (merchandise/cloakroom) but these were not under our control.
    * In all mails outs and information ads prior we urged people to wear sunhats and sunscreen because of the weather forecast and we supplied enough sunscreen to make sure that we could protect approximately 10% of the crowd if some people forgot to bring it or wear any or needed top ups.
    * Any amount of additional shade we provide on a day like Sunday will be completely full. We have supplied a number of additional shade units at previous events but these resulted in numerous complaints about visibility of headline bands once it went dark and repeated issues with people climbing on them as vantage points at night.
    Our decision to encourage people to bring sunhats and open up shaded areas such as the WAFL grandstand and the Ladies Toilet bank were to extend shade areas that did not impede vision.
    * This is our first daylight saving event and also our first at this site over 30 degrees so we agree the heat had a bigger impact overall.
    It is interesting to note that the first aiders had a particularly quiet day with far less casualties from previous events which indicates that overall policy and additional free water had a bigger impact on reducing casualties of heat/sun than shade structures ever have.

    * This event sold 26500 tickets well in advance which was the same as all previous sold out Rock it events and 3000-4000 less than our legal capacity based on the amount of toilets/exits etc
    We could have sold the tickets but we didn’t voluntarily to preserve amenity for you.
    We know the site can handle this amount of people when we are in control of all the systems.

    We voluntarily provided 50 more guards (320 total) than we were required to do based on our approval and although we felt we were well manned many communicated our policies badly or incorrectly
    The current system of security supply in WA does not allow us to meet requirements with any kind of individual quality control of guards so we have to work with many inexperienced guards who do not necessarily understand or comply with directions from event management. Many of them also consequently appear unhelpful or unreasonable to patrons.

    In terms of this overall event all our site planning and systems were presented, discussed and agreed at planning briefings prior which were attended by State Health, City of Joondalup, SES, police, St Johns Ambulance, FESA, the venue, suppliers and members of our team – these decisions are not taken lightly and are made by a collection of very experienced people and with input from previous experience and patron feedback.

    SHOW INFORMATION including transport & playing times
    This was available in full page ads in Xpress and Drum media the week before.
    All online customers were emailed the information too.
    The official website at heatseeker has had the information readable and downloadable the week prior.
    The ticket stock had the transport information printed on it.

    Hopefully the information I have supplied above gives you some insight into how certain things came about at the event and the what, why and where questions/thoughts you have had.

    1) I am committed to implementing a complaints tent on the day so proper show staff can be easily found and we give accurate advice and properly help people to improve their experience. This way we do not rely on security or busy service staff for our connection with you.
    If in doubt ALWAYS ask someone with a radio to speak to event management.
    My team and I solved many problems for people on the day because the came and found us and told us what they needed.
    Remember only the inner event team work for us and have authority and knowledge to fully help or override the security, first aid, SES, vendors, production crew etc who are all just suppliers to us. The only people we cannot overrule are the police.
    2) We will most certainly apply our experience with a police operation that will mess with our crowd flows and work harder to get an idea from them as to how their behavior might affect us – especially in the service areas.
    3) I will seek to try and locate spots for additional shade that do not impede the view of the stage in any way.

    We really try to present the biggest bands with the cheapest prices with the biggest production and more facilities than anyone else at Rock it in order to show West Australians that we respect their support.
    I do hope you can see we have voluntarily invested well over $250000 in extra toilet, security, water, transport that we didn’t have to do.
    We have also presented the largest touring act of summer on the cheapest festival ticket price as a sign that greed or lack of thought or care has nothing to do with the outcomes you have mentioned and that we did our best on the information we had available.
    We are serious about our patrons having the best time possible and in this instance we were blindsided and unable to meet some of your expectations and we are really disappointed about it too.
    I hope that helps you feel more informed about what went on and why we do things.

  85. 85 Jane

    How funny the response from the organiser is!!!

    Firstly how discriminating for the person in a wheelchair to have to attempt to get up the hill to buy their drink tickets!!

    Secondly, how are you supposed to keep rehydrated when your not allowed to take your drink bottles in with you!! Only empty 600mls were allowed in the door, too bad for me who had a 1 litre, can’t see what difference it makes what size your bottle is. I watched some poor young girls have to tip out their 600ml bottles, that were still sealed, as on their tickets it said you were allowed to bring in 600mls, so why didn’t it say empty 600mls if that was to be the case. I had one of your baby cups of water, they were half filling them, how does a mouthful of water help you??

    Thirdly, where is your responsible service of alcohol, having no food in the beer garden, everyone chose to drink instead of going through the lines to get to the food area. Result, lots of drunken yobbos, fighting, falling over. The queues for the bar were so long, people came back with four drinks at a time.

    You say, your the cheapest of festivals, well you only have one stage and heaps less bands than the other festivals and their ticket price is much better value for money.

    Great for the loos to be separated, shame for the girls who had to fight their way through the bar queues just to get to the toilet.

    It was the worst festival I have ever been to and I will not be back. Was all about making money and I feel very ripped off.

  86. 86 roxy

    haha such a rip off!! ROCK ITS REP IS DOWN THE DRAIN.. memba wen it was only $50 a ticket and ther wer much better line ups

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