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Archive for the ‘Event wrap up’ Category

Escape to the Park 2008 was held on Saturday 29 November in King’s Park. Performing were Abbe May & The Rockin Pneumonia, Kate Miller-Heidke, Bob Evans, Ben Lee and The Cruel Sea.

It was a lovely day for a picnic, and that’s what most did, as it’s not the kind of festival where there’s a lot of dancing, as there’s only a small area at the side of the stage suitable for that.

Photos by John MacFadyen, see more in the flickr Escape to the Park set!

And read a review at Fasterlouder.

The festival season has begun, though the summer festival weather hasn’t!

But it didn’t stop the fun last Sunday, 23 November, with Vroom Festival on the Oak Lawn at UWA, and Global Gathering on the Esplanade.

Vroom 2008! was the end of year Student Summer break party, but students and non students of all ages were welcome. Bands that played were John and the Inverarities, Harlequin League, Red Jezebel, The Panda Band, Bluejuice, Dukes of Windsor and British India. It was promoted as ‘good food, good times, good toons’. It was a good time, good music, but I definitely didn’t consider pies, sausage rolls, hot dogs and simple sandwiches worth a mention as ‘good food’(wasn’t bad though)!

See photos of Vroom Festival by John MacFadyen!

A review of the music elsewhere online by Fasterlouder and PerthMusic.


Global Gathering hit Perth for the first time this year, and featured acts like Kraftwerk, Mark Ronson, Gorillaz Sound System, Sasha, The Orb, Felix Da Housecat and many more.

See photos of Global Gathering by Ben Eenhoorn!
Reviews elsewhere online by Mooiness, Fasterlouder and The West

John FogertyThe 5th West Coast Blues n Roots Festival has been and gone.
A lot of good music, good vibes and sunshine, and a lack of rubbish thanks to all the green initiatives! Unfortunately some issues again with sound like at Southbound and certain ticket holders having trouble getting in, but all in all I think it’s one of the more well organised and relaxed festivals of the summer.

Reviews and photos can be found in the following places:

PerthMusic – review day 1 and day 2 + photos on PerthNorg

Kav from Eskimo JoeThe West – review and review + photogallery

Fasterlouder – review day 1, day 2 + photos

PerthNow – review, review, gallery, and face in the crowd galleries.

Sunset Events photos

Photos by John MacFadyen, and you can see more from him and others at Flickr.

Relaxed atmosphere at Blues n Roots Festival

Cat Power

Good Vibes!Good Vibrations 2008 was held on Sunday, and the vibes were mostly good!

Heirisson Island was used as a venue for the first time, but I’m not sure it was such a good idea. It was dust bowl, and there were long walks to get in and out. It is a nice central location though, and I thought the organisation of things like toilets, food and layout was ok, considering it’s a big festival.

To read more about the music and see a heap of photos, see the following links.

Inthemix.com.au – review and photos

PerthNow – review, photos and plenty of comments

PerthNorg.com.au – photos by Noodlez

The West – review with photo gallery

PerthMusic – review

Photos on Flickr

It was a hot and humid day in Perth…. but the music made it worth it, in my humble opinion…

That’s my little review (!!), see below for some better ones, and plenty of photos! =D

Review at PerthMusic on PerthNorg and photos by Noodlez

Review and photos by AntzPantz at Fasterlouder

The West with photo gallery

PerthNow with gallery

Central Station review

Another Southbound Festival has been and gone, and for the second year my friends and I had a great time!

I’m not one for writing reviews, but here are some links to some others:

PerthMusic blog and photos at PerthNorg by Noodlez

Fasterlouder article and photos by Mojojay

The West has several artices, with photo galleries online


Photos on Flickr by Antzpantz

These photos are by me, and there’s a heap more on Flickr, but I’m an amateur with a simple camera, so be prepared for some pretty bad photos! 😀

I’ll add more to this post if I come across anything.

I’m not one for writing reviews (as you may have noticed), but I did want to find some time to round up some photos, videos and thoughts about the 2007 West Coasts Blues and Roots Festival held this weekend in Fremantle. We had a great time; enjoying good music, friends, a great atmosphere and the sun, every now and then! What did you think? Leave a comment below!

You can find a few of my photos here on flickr and videos here on youtube. Please be aware that I just take photos for fun, and the videos I’ve kept short on purpose!

Other media and blogs talking about the festival.

Justin @ PerthMusic covers Saturday and Sunday.

Fyredarkle in the Perthians Group on Vox about Sunday.

Simon Collins covers Saturday and Sunday for The West.

Jay Hanna from the Sunday Times covers the event at PerthNow.

Naomi @ Artichoke writes about seeing John Mayer, Ben Harper, meeting randoms and has a few photos.

Sunset Events have written something themselves and put up some photos.

West Coast Blues n Roots - John Mayer

Photos on Flickr:




Kukame (from side of stage)

Bubba Da Hutch (heaps!)


John Mayer’s website has set list and some photos taken on stage, btw, he has a blog, but nothing written in it about Perth (yet).

West Coast Blues n Roots - Ben Kweller

Videos on Youtube:

Ben Harper – With My Own Two Hands by huly06

Ben Harper – Steal my Kisses by erin mcmahon (this is when those guys got on stage!)

Bob Evans – Rocks in my head by beniv8

Bob Evans – Nowhere without you by beniv8

John Mayer – No Such Thing by huly06

John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change by huly06

John Mayer – talking about feeling home in Perth and Why Georgia by huly06

John Mayer – Your Body is a Wonderland by WAmade and same song by erinmcmahon

John Mayer – solo from Belief by aimeefl02

John Mayer – I don’t trust myself by aimeefl02

John Mayer, Missy Higgins, The Waifs and Wolfmother by ihavnobum

I’ll add to this post if I find more to add!

I’ve created a EnjoyPerth group on youtube, because there doesn’t seem to be an active Perth group.

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