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DUYFKEN Twilight Sail

Imagine just for a moment stepping aboard the Duyfken of 1598, about to set forth on a 12-month voyage from Holland to the East Indies, via Cape Town and the turbulent seas of the Southern Ocean. Sounds a bit challenging and definitely not for the faint of heart! But that’s what it was like for those intrepid Dutch mariners of the early 1600s.

Roll forward 400+ years and you’re now about to step aboard the replica of that original Duyfken. Nothing much will have changed except…

Instead of heading to the open waters of the North Sea, you’ll be venturing upon the placid waters of the Swan River, Perth. Not for a 12-month ordeal, but instead a 3-hour Twilight Sail that places you amongst a select group who’ve had the privilege of sailing aboard Duyfken. And the good news is that we’ve eliminated seasickness from the equation!
Ready to enjoy?

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Saturday, February 15 – Sunday, March 22


South of Perth Yacht Club
Canning Beach Rd
Applecross, Western Australia


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